One Planet. One Health.

The health of our planet, our species and the ecosystems of all living things share a profound connection. Human activity alters the environment with great impact, often by design, more often unintentionally. One Planet. One Health. is an acknowledgement that our ability to reshape this planet makes us all bioengineers. How are each of us in our daily choices influencing the journey of life’s code on this planet? Taking responsibility for that influence is our obligation and we must do so with awareness and purpose, because...

We are Earth’s Tech Support.


Intrexon CEO RJ Kirk discusses our role at Earth’s Tech Support @worldsfairnano #intrexon

We're just getting started

Intrexon is committed to Building a Better Planet through Better DNA. Join us as we make Earth’s Tech Support a mission for all to share. Sign up to receive updates and stay connected as we raise awareness for One Planet. One Health.


Through the engineering of biology, Intrexon is helping to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges and is working with industry and government leaders to realize a better, healthier planet. Today our platform is delivering new therapies in health, supplying unique solutions to address global energy demand, developing unparalleled features and productivity advancements in food, creating innovative applications for consumers, and helping to restore and protect the environment.

To execute on its mission, Intrexon has integrated a suite of technologies and expertise across a number of cellular systems to drive development and commercialization of bio-based solutions. Our solutions include: Friendly Aedes mosquitoes genetically engineered to suppress the invasive Aedes aegypti mosquito; Arctic® apples that will not brown when bitten, sliced, or bruised; a clinically validated transcriptional gene switch to precisely control production of biotherapeutics; bovine reproductive technologies driving genetic gain for the dairy and beef industries; genetically engineered miniature swine models to provide better predictive efficacy in evaluation of new medicines; and our AquAdvantage® salmon bringing productivity benefits to the aquaculture industry through our majority-owned subsidiary AquaBounty. Intrexon’s cutting-edge platforms have broad applicability, thus opening the door to the considerable potential of engineered biology.

Intrexon and our collaborators are building solutions to challenging issues across fields as diverse as medicine, fuel, agriculture, nutrition, personal care, chemicals, and manufacturing, forging a sustainable path forward for current and future generations. We call our approach Better DNA® and invite you to discover more